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Class 4 - 07.01.21
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Class 4 - Friday 3rd April

02 Apr 2020

Happy Friday Class 4

Well it's Friday again! This week went past quickly!                         

A Friday joke for you...

"What do you call a bear with no teeth?"
(Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answer.) 

Just today's tasks and then 2 weeks off school for you!smiley
For those of you who want it, I will put some project/ activity ideas up on our page at the beginning of each week of the holidays, but there is no pressure from me to do any of it. I am more than happy for you to have a rest and some fun time with your family. We do have a number of birthdays in the Easter holidays (Ella, Eve, Seth and then Josh on the first Monday back) which we will need to celebrate. laugh

Awesome work yesterday from a lot of you! Well done! Particular mention to Oli, Juliet, Joel, Tom C and Isabella for wonderful story openings. 21 of you completed the Monster Multiplication game and 14 of you did Sequence Snake. Jasmine, Ruby, Jacob and Asa gained very impressive scores on both. Was the snake game less popular? It was my favourite! smiley

A big well done to Asa who has now met his Accelerated Reader target. Only one day to go everyone else!

The answers to yesterday's grammar activities are below, please mark your own:

-Year 5 grammar 2 answers.docx-  

-Year 6 grammar 2 answers.docx-  

The answers to yesterday's Shakespeare reading comprehension are below too. Have a look at how you've done:

-Year 5 Shakespeare answers.docx-  

-Year 6 Shakespeare answers.docx-  

These are your tasks for today. Please remember that if you don't get all the tasks done each day then that is absolutely fine. Some tasks will take longer than others and if you're really enjoying a task, you may choose to spend longer on that than others which I'm perfectly happy with so please don't worry. smiley


I have decided to put this link on every day as a reminder to ensure that you get some exercise, in whatever way that might be. Exercise is so good for you and will really make you feel better. This website is being updated with new ideas all the time so please keep checking on it. 

Have a look at the below link. There are lots of ideas for different PE type activities that you could do at home; give one a go!


If you've already done lots of these then there are also some videos from a company called, 'sporting excellence' which you might like to try. Click on the link below to have a look:


Maths task:                                                                                                                                                 
For today's maths activity, I would like you to have a go at the below mental arithmetic paper. You can print it off and complete it or you can write your working out and answers down in your exercise book. Give yourself 30 minutes to do as many questions as you can. It's completely fine if you don't finish it all and if you do finish before the 30 minutes are up then please check your answers carefully. 


 Reading task:                                                                         
I would like you to read another two chapters of your reading book today.
After this, I would like you to write a short review detailing your likes and dislikes about the book so far. You should justify your opinion with examples from the text.
You can write this in your exercise book.

Spelling task:

Please can you choose 5 words at random from the appropriate spelling sheet below. Please choose words that you haven't used already in the last 2 weeks. I would like you to find out the meaning of your 5 words so that you fully understand them, and then I would like you to write a short tale or story that includes these 5 words. You need to use them in the correct context so that your tale makes sense. This is the same task as last week and the one you sometimes do for spelling homework. 
I have set up at 2do task on Purple Mash for this if you would like to do it on there, or if it isn't working properly then you can do it in your exercise book. Please underline the 5 spellings (or write them in a different colour) and draw me a picture that links to the tale/story. Remember, it doesn't have to be long, but it has to make sense and you have to use the spelling words in the correct context.

  -Year 5 and 6 common exception words.doc-  

  -2nd 100 high frequency words .pdf-  ​

This is the Purple Mash website link:


 Writing task     

I have set up a 2do on Purple Mash for you to design your own Easter card. Think about members of your family or your friends who you would normally see over Easter but unfortunately won't be able to this year. Choose someone special and design an Easter card for them.
I'm sure you're all capable of producing some excellent designs so focus hard on your presentation so that your card looks amazing. 

The Purple Mash link is above. 

This afternoon:

You still have the option of doing one of the projects about our local area from the previous days if you would like to; look back at yesterday's page for the details about these. 

I have two other options for you this afternoon:                                                                        

1. Make the Easter card you designed this morning for real. Use your artistic skills to create an Easter masterpiece to put a smile on someone's face! I think it would be really nice if you could then put your card in an envelope and post it off to your relative or friend. Obviously only do this if your parents say you can, and if you're not in self-isolation. This may not be possible for some of you if you don't live close to a post box or have to stay at home, but if you can and you're allowed, do it! We are doing this at home so that Will can still say Happy Easter to his grandparents and Aunties and Uncles even though we can't see them. I know it will make them smile and I'm sure your (slightly higher quality) cards will make your friends and family smile too. laugh

2. I have put a coding '2do' on Purple Mash for you to have a go at. Using the skills you have developed with Mrs Lewis see what you can do. Remember to watch and listen to the videos for instructions and help while you are doing the task. For those of you who are confident and who fly through that task then you can go onto 'free code gibbon' afterwards to have more of a play. 


As always, I can't wait to see what wonderful work you have produced for me. 

Now is the start of your Easter holidays - woo hoo! I hope you have a lovely time at home with your families. I know it won't be like the holidays we're used to, but it will still be good. Look on the birght side, you don't have to listen to me each day, and you still get to eat lots of chocolate! laugh Have a rest and have some fun. I miss you all and I look forward to seeing you all very soon. 

Sending lots of love,

Mrs Barker smiley


Answer to the joke...
'A gummy bear!' Ha ha!
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