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Wonderful writers

27 May 2021

I am very proud of the writing that the children have produced over the past week or so. They have shown a real understanding of writing for purpose and audience, and they have been able to apply the features that they have discovered to their own writing in their own way. 

We have spent a couple of weeks focusing on persuasive writing. We looked at good examples of this type of non-fiction text, and identified the features needed to write one. Our upcoming residential trip was the stimulus for our writing. The children had to persuade myself or Mrs Acheson to take them on residential in June; this really did motivate the children. We identified the structure, and then picked out the specific grammar and punctuation features of persuasive writing and then they decided what to include in their own writing.

The children then planned their writing, wrote it and then edit and improved it against the success criteria, with our trusty purple pens. 

Here are a few of them for you to read. 

Slide Show 

Then over the last couple of days, the children have written a diary entry that is set back during the time of the Vikings and the Anglo-Saxons rule in Britain. 

The children chose which character they were playing the part of, and they decided whether they were re-telling the events of the AD793 Viking raid on Lindisfarne, the Great Viking invasion in AD865 or the Battle of Hastings in AD1066.

We again looked at some good example texts so that we could pick out the features of a diary entry. The children then applied these to their own writing and considered what they were going to re-tell. 

Here are some of the finished products...

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