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The final week of Autumn term

16 Dec 2020

Even though it's the last week before Christmas, the children have still been working really hard in class. We spent the beginning of the week finishing our science unit of Light. 

We looked at the way light travels and understood that it travels in straight lines. We discovered that we see things because light travels from a light source, bounces off objects and enters our eyes. We then showed this with a practical demonstration where we used string to show the path of the light from the light sorce to our eyes.

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Next, we moved onto reflection. We found out that all objects reflect light although some are more successful than others. We had a go with mirrors to direct the light rays in the direction we wanted so that they landed on a target. Some groups used more than one mirror to direct the light; we were really successful at this. We discussed the law of reflection, and how the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. 

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Then finally, we carried out an investigation into shadows. We discussed how shadows are an absense of light, and that opaque materials create the clearest shadows. We investigated to find that shadows take the shape of the object that is blocking the light. We worked in small groups to devise a question to try to answer through an investigation. For example, some groups looked at whether the size of a shadow alters depending on how close the light source is to the object that is blocking it. The children made a prediction, collected observations and measurements and then wrote a conclusion. 
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Once all the hard work was over, it was time for some Christmas fun! On Wednesday, it was our Christmas party. We had a lot of fun being in the hall, playing a lot of party games. Even though it was just our bubble, you couldn't tell; we still made plenty of noise! Here are a few photos of the fun! 
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