No Plastic Fantastic (School Ambassadors)

27 Jun 2019

See the Stray FM report on the event: HERE

On Wednesday 26th June the School Council went to Fountains Abbey. We had asked all the children to bring 1 days worth of plastic rubbish from home, we had over 10 bin bags.


Once we got to Fountains Abbey we put all our plastic waste with the plastic from the other 9 schools and made a turtle sculpture.

We chose a turtle as they are one animal that is really suffering because of all the plastic in the oceans.

Then some of the schools performed songs and poems they had created about recycling.

Our school had made a sorting activity to help people to understand what we should do with all the things we no longer need.

Did you know you cannot recycle black plastic or pizza takeaway boxes? If you do and they are collected and put on the recycling lorry it means that that entire lorry of recycling is dis-guarded.

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