Remote learning - 23.11.20

23 Nov 2020

In the event of your child self-isolating this week, here are some activities which are similar to what the children are doing in school.

This week we are looking at the following phonemes:
ng            ai            ee

Here is the clip from todays phonics - ng  

We are also revisiting our tricky words and practicing reading them in sentences. If you need the list of tricky words again, please let me know and I will email them to you.

The powerpoint below looks at some of our previous phonemes. It asks you to sort the pictures if they have the right phoneme.

You can use Phonics play to practice your phonic knowledge too.

  -j-v-w-y-z Initial Sounds PowerPoint.pptx-  


We are comparing groups of objects that are not the same. The following power point can be used as a talking point to use language more, less or the same


Some activities to try at home:
1. Lay some number cards 1 - 5 face down on the floor. Turn over a number card and build a tower using that many bricks. repeat with a different number card. Which tower is the tallest? 
2. Sort your toys - group your toys by type or colour. Which group has the most? Which group has the least?
3. Place 2 baskets on the floor. Throw 5 socks into the baskets. Compare how many socks land in each basket. 
4. Play with a family member - one person collects an amount of objects. The other person has to collect more than the first. Can you count how many you have collected?

Don't forget to keep practicing counting objects and matching groups of objects to numerals too.
Let me know how you get on with the activities you do smiley

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