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Stone Age Cooking

Rachel Goss - 07 Dec 2020





























  Class 3 have been finding out what Stone Age people may have eaten and how they would have cooked their food. We began by lighting a fire on the ground. We put a large stone into the fire to heat up. We dug a pit and put a bowl of cold water inside. In the stone age they would have had a pit lined with clay or even the lining of an animals stomach! We left the stone in the fire to heat for over an hour. 

While the stone was heating we thought about what leaves and roots may have been eaten. We added some mint leaves into the kettle and put it on the fire to make some mint tea. We cut sticks and packed them into tins to make charcoal. Our tins were put in the fire with the stone. After a while in the flames our sticks had burnt into charcoal pencils. We will use the charcoal to make cave drawings in class. 

We drank our mint tea while the berry and honey stew cooked. We learnt that the Stone Age people would have foraged for nuts, seeds and berries and collected honey from bees nests. We also boiled water to cook some quail eggs. We learnt in the Stone Age eggs would be collected from nests and eaten. Thank you Noah for bringing the lovely eggs. 

While the eggs boiled we ate our berry stew and rolled the hot stone out of the fire and into the bowl of cold water. The water steamed and fizzed and got really hot in just a few minutes. We put our fingers in the water and it was like lovely warm bath water. If we had more time we could have heated the stone more and actually cooked our eggs in the bowl of boiling water. We found out this was how Stone Age people got hot water and they would also cook meat on the hot stone too. 

It was great to eat different food, we were surprised the quail egg tasted like chicken eggs. We decided we were lucky to have our modern methods of cooking and modern campfire equipment. We are looking forward to making weapons and hunting next! 
























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