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Thursday 4th February

03 Feb 2021

Happy Thursday - PicMix Good Morning Class Two!

Excellent work again this week!  I've really enjoyed seeing all the brilliant work that you have sent in. 
Mrs Lewis is looking forward to being with you tomorrow and I'll see you again on Monday!

You will find these learning activities on the Learning Overview:
Collective Worship

This week, you can still look on this page to find our other activities. 
Today, this will be the Science work about materials and a creative activity. 

Today, please could I see the work you have done in science this week and it would be great to see a picture of the model that you make from junk materials.

Head to Teams as you normally would for our call and login.
Then click on the channel for this week "
Week Beginning 1st Feb" (See below...)

You will see any messages for the children here,  just to the right, when you go onto the channel and this is where you will find the daily calls. If you need to find extra learning resources for that day they will be in files - which is found at the top of this channel. (See below.)

Inside these files you can find the overviews, as shown below. The other learning resources will be in the correct day. 
Here is the overview for this week.
As this is a bit different, we have also put a copy of the overview with all your work to use if you need to.

(Both files are the same thing - just in two formats to help different devices!)  

  -Class 2 overview 1.2.21-V318272242 .docx-  Word

  -Class 2 overview 1.2.21-V318272242 .pdf-      PDF

(Both files are the same thing - just in two formats to help different devices!) 

Here is today's story:


Today in science, we will be learning about materials and their properties.
Our questions are:
  • Which material is best for different objects?
  • What are the properties of materials?
  • Why are certain materials used for making objects?
Our Learning Intention is:                                                                                                                       
Can I decide which material is best for different objects?

Let's begin by watching the video:


Our next question is:

What happens to materials when an object isn't needed anymore?

What happens to the boxes that breakfast cereal comes in?
What happens to the bottles that water, juice or milk comes in?
What happens to the plastic containers that  juice, milk or washing up liquid and shampoo comes in?
Where do they all go?

Hopefully, they are collected and go to recycling centres so that they can be used to make new boxes, bottles or containers. Even old cars can be recycled!  They get squashed together and then the metal is used again.

Today, we are going to recycle some materials!

We are going to use our creative skills to make something using containers that we have finished with:

Creative Task:  Design and make a model using junk materials
First, collect some containers that are not needed any more.  Check with an adult, to make sure that you can use them.  Then think about what you could create.

You could perhaps create a vehicle – a car, rocket, boat or a train.
Maybe you could make an animal or a dinosaur!  How about a robot?
The choice is yours!
Here are a few ideas:

Can you spot which materials have been used to make these models?

I'm looking forward to seeing what you have made using your junk materials!  Have fun making your creations!


Take care, be kind and have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Micklefield

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