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Tuesday 2nd February

01 Feb 2021

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Good Morning Class Two!

Mrs Lewis and I both wanted to say a huge well done for finding all the work so easily yesterday!

So,  head to Teams now to find the Weekly Overview.  There you will find your learning activities for Maths, English, and PE as well as the link for Collective Worship. For this week, you can still look on this page to find our other activities. 
Today, these are the Mindfulness activities and Music.   

Head to Teams as you normally would for our call and login. Then click on the channel for this week "
Week Beginning 1st Feb" (See below...)

You will see any messages for the children here,  just to the right, when you go onto the channel and this is where you will find the daily calls. If you need to find extra learning resources for that day they will be in files - which is found at the top of this channel. (See below.)

Inside these files you can find the overviews, as shown below. The other learning resources will be in the correct day. 

Here is the overview for this week.
As this is a bit different, we have also put a copy of the overview with all your work to use if you need to.

(Both files are the same thing - just in two formats to help different devices!)  

  -Class 2 overview 1.2.21-V318272242 .docx-  Word

  -Class 2 overview 1.2.21-V318272242 .pdf-      PDF

(Both files are the same thing - just in two formats to help different devices!) 

See you on the Teams Meetings at 10.30 and 11.00.  Email me if you are worried or cannot find anything, or if something isnt working.

Mindfulness Activities
This week is Children's Mental Health Awareness Week 2021
The Theme is this year is Express Yourself.

One of the important things to keep our minds healthy is to have quiet and calm times in our lives.
Let's start with a breathing activity:
  -Mindful Breathing with Teddy.pdf-  

Today, our questions are: 
What is physical health?
What is mental health?
How do we express ourselves using our creative skills?
How can we use our creative skills to make someone else feel happy?

Please read through the powerpoint (open into slideshow to make sure you see everything)
  -Positive Mental Health - Presentation.pptx-  

 Your tasks:
1. Make a poster to show some of the ways that we can have good mental health

2 Can you create something that would make someone else feel happy?  Here are a few ideas.  You might come up with some other ideas!
  • Write a letter to someone who you can't see at the moment
  •  Draw a picture or make something 
  •  Make up a dance to perform
  •  Bake something

What could you create to show someone that you care about them?

I'm looking forward to seeing your posters about how to keep our minds healthy. 
It would be lovely to see what you decide to make for someone else to make them feel happy.

Here is today's story to share:   It's a short story today but it has an important message about showing others that you care about them.

Music can make us feel lots of different emotions, such as calm, excited, happy or sad.  Listening to music that we like can also make us feel good. We can enjoy creating music for others to listen to, as well as enjoying other people's musical creations.
Music is a way of expressing ourselves through being creative
Today, we're going to be the listeners! 
We have listened to some of the sections from 'The Carnival of Animals' before.  The composer wrote the music to express what the different animals are like. 
Here is the full piece.  How many different animals can you spot?  Dinosaur enthusiasts.... watch out for the section about fossils!  
Sit back, relax and enjoy listening!https://video.link/w/0RhNb

Afterwards, you could draw a picture to show your favourite section of the music and write a sentence to say how it made you feel.

Here are some more mindfulness activities.  You don't have to do all the mindfulness activities.  Here are some to choose from.  You could  do them today or later in the week.  

squiggle game     https://video.link/w/NzhNb

Make a dog using a piece of paper!    https://video.link/w/AuhNb
Mindfulness colourings:



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