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Friday 29th January

27 Jan 2021

Happy Friday • USO El Paso

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hi Class 2, it's Mrs Lewis with you again today! I look forward to seeing you all on our calls later on. 
I would like us all to say a big Happy Birthday to Will as it is his birthday tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day Will! 

Here are the tasks for today: 

10:30 Year 1 Call - Show and Tell - Your RE creation
11:00 Year 2 Call - Show and Tell - Your RE creation
RE - Please complete first if possible! 
Collective Worship

Work to send in 

Today I would love to see your RE work.  You can take a photograph of it or scan the work, then send it to me  - class2@gfschools.co.uk

Try your best with all the activities and keep your work neat and tidy.


Please spend at least 20 minutes each day on reading or sharing a book with an adult. 
Year 2 – Don’t forget to do an AR quiz when you have finished your reading book. 

Then, I have a special story recording to share with you today. My Sophie asked if she could read you one of her favourite stories, The Way Back Home,  so I have put the recording into our class on Teams for you. If you go into files you should see the folder. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as she enjoyed reading it!


Year 1: 

Tens and Ones - Have a look at the video then spend around 20 minutes having a go at the activites below.  There are some challenges underneath too if you are finding it easy! 

Spr1.5.4 - Tens and ones from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Year 2

Today you are learning about  Odd and even numbers. Have a look at the video then spend around 20 minutes having a go at the activites below.  There are some challenges underneath too if you are finding it easy! 

Spr2.4.2 - Odd and Even from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.






Religious Education

Today, I would like you to spend some time being a creator – it is totally your choice what you would like to create! It could be a fantastic lego world or vehicle or you might like to plant some seeds which will grow over the next few weeks. Anything creative is fine - art, writing, singing - anything you would like!

When you have finished your creation – share it with someone else. How would you like that person to look after your creation? How would you feel if it was broken? Or if they didn’t look after it very well?

Just like your creations today, Christians believe that God’s creation, Earth, should be treasured and protected because it is a gift from God and it provides us with all that we need to live. So reflecting on this I would like you to write some rules for how to look after planet Earth. Think about what humans can do to protect and treasure it.

https://video.link/w/Ov2Lb This video has lots of lovely ideas and a cool song for you to listen and sing along with before you write down your own. 


We are thinking more about algorithms today! You all did such a fantastic job with your dance algorithms last week, I was so impressed with how complex some were.
Today we are thinking about how algorithms, or instructions, need to be in the right order to work and  think more about how the must be clear.  To do this we will be thinking about recipes. I would like you to head over to Purple mash and login.

You should find 2 “ToDo” tasks. Start with this to start with:

“Chocolate Crispy Cakes Recipe.”

In this game you need to order the instructions to make a chocolate crispy. Think and talk about what would happen if you did them in the wrong order! Would you still have tasty cakes to eat?
Now try…

“The Wrong Sandwich”

Some suggestions for how to use this activity:
1.  Before opening the the activity, talk about what a recipe is. What is included in a recipe? Why do we need them?
2 . There is a gallery of photos accessed by clicking on the green crosses . The algorithm is not very good, so a robot making the sandwich would probably make some mistakes. Can children suggest which ‘wrong’ photos could occur?
( E.g. Instruction 2 does not say to spread the butter on the bread; there is a photo of the butter spread on the plate. )
3. Now let’s ‘debug’ the algorithm - Remember that Debugging in coding is finding the mistakes in the algorithm.
4. Go through each step, in order, and correct it. Match the correct photos to end up with a much better algorithm.
Have a lovely day. Remember to watch today’s collective worship on the Enrichment Page. I look forward to seeing your RE work again today!
Take care and look after your adults. 

Mrs Lewis 

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