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Class 2 - Science Superheroes

26 Nov 2020

Cross-Country Achievement!
Last week, Mr Whitford organised a cross-country competition for us and timed how long we took to run the 600m. We had a great time and got very muddy!  The top three runners for the two year groups were as follows:  

Year 1 - 600m
Boys Time Girls Time
1st Charlie Davies 3mins 33s Daisy 4mins 4s
2nd Tommy 3mins 53s Sophia 4mins 39s
3rd Robert 3 mins 54s Adria 5mins 18s
Year 2 - 600m
Boys Time Girls Time
1st Ben 3mins 16s Hattie 3mins 49s
2nd Edward 3mins 18s Lainey 3mins 50s
3rd Will 3mins 26s Matilda 4mins 23s

This is a message Mr Whitfield. "I was really impressed with how much effort, determination and encouragement the children showed in the cross-country event! They all did really well." 
This week, our curriculum focus is Science.  We returned to our previous learning about seasonal changes and thought about what has changed since we made our observations in early October. We remembered that 'Observing changes over time' is one of our science learning skills.
We have noticed these changes:
"It is getting colder"
"We need to wear warmer clothes when we play out"
"The radiators are switched on to keep our classroom warm"
"The length of daylight time during the day is getting shorter."
" It is almost dark by the end of the school day"
"The leaves are nearly gone"  "The field is wet and muddy"

In October, we decided to look carefully at the same tree each month, to closely observe the changes that  take place. 
                                   October                                                                                           November
 We noticed that although the tree still has some leaves, there are not as many as in October.  We made some predictions about what the December photograph will look like.  We think that the leaves will have all gone and there might be frost or even snow on the branches!

We also began our unit of work ‘Animals, including Humans.’  Our focus this week is to notice that animals, including humans, have offspring which grow into adults.  We began our work by going to the library to choose some books about animals and humans.  We have enjoyed looking in these books this week, to find information about animals and their babies. We learnt that using books or the internet to find information is another one of our science learning skills and is called ‘research’. 
We spent some time looking at different animals and their babies and  played a matching game.
We had fun looking at pictures of when we were babies!   We looked at pictures of some of the teachers when they were babies.  We found it quite tricky to work out which adult matched the baby photograph!  We were more successful at identifying pictures of ourselves when we were babies.  Next week, we will be looking at pictures of some of our parents to see if we can spot similarities between parents and their children.

Slide Show 
We have some Science Superheroes to help us to remember the names of the five scientific learning skills. This will help us with our science learning as we move through school, as all the classes use the same Science Superheroes.
Slide Show 

tivity Role Play - Hay Bales                                                                                                                                                                                    Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be doing some role play about the Nativity story.  We would be very grateful if anyone could loan us some small hay bales.  We would return them to you before the holidays. Please let me know if you can help. Thankyou

Happy Weekend!
See you on Monday,
Mrs Micklefield
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