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Class 2 - Seasonal Changes

16 Oct 2020

We have recently been investigating seasonal changes.  We explored the school grounds to see if we could find any signs of Autumn.  We saw that some of the leaves are changing colour and falling from the trees.  We also noticed some evergreen trees that still have their green leaves. There are  lots of fruits, nuts and berries at this time of year.  We found out that these will provide food for the birds and some animals but most of them are not safe for humans to eat.

One of our science learning skills is to be able to observe changes over time. We thought about how we could make a record of changes over time. We decided to take photographs of the same tree once each month. We will then compare the pictures to see if the tree has changed. 

We thought about Harvest time and the importance of gathering all the different crops.  Some of us have been busy painting lots of different fruit and vegetables.
We have been listening to a piece of music called ‘Autumn’ by Vivaldi.  We practised clapping to the beat of the music, and we enjoyed pretending to be the musicians in the orchestra.

In our theme work, we have been researching about Anderson shelters.  We found out what they looked like and what they were used for. 


Over the past few weeks, we have been reading a book called ‘War Boy’ by Michael Foreman.  We enjoyed listening to the author’s descriptions of being a child during World War 2.  The illustrations in the book  have also helped us to understand what things were like during the war.
This week, we put our research to good use in our Design and Technology unit of work.  Our task is to design and make a model Anderson shelter for lego or playmobil figures.   In preparation, we worked with some paper templates of Anderson shelters.  We explored how to fold the edges of flat shapes, so that they can be glued together when the flat shapes are folded to make 3d shapes.  We looked at different types of folding and learnt how to make  ‘mountain’ and ‘valley’ folds.  Next week, we hope to transfer these skills onto our model making, when we will work in groups to create the model.  Watch this space to see our completed models next week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Mrs Micklefield
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