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23 Oct 2020
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09 Oct 2020
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Class 2 - Big Thinking!

09 Oct 2020

Fridays are a big thinking day as we think about big questions in both RE and PSHE!

At the start of the term, we were learning about keeping ourselves and others safe, which is so very important at the moment. We have thought about keeping our hands and bodies clean and keeping safe distances. We have also learnt about medicines and how they can help our bodies to feel better when they are fighting an illness. When talking about healthy eating, Jack came up with a great comparison; He said, "Vitamins are like an invisible forcefield to fight germs." We thought this was a great description of why it is important to eat foods with lots of vitamins and minerals. Well done Jack!
Our big thinking has now moved on to think about being unique. We began last week by playing a special game of Simon says, which helped us to find out how we are the same and how we are very different! This week we have made unique monsters who are also all very different but wonderful in these differences, just like us!  

In RE, our current big question is 'Who is a Muslim and what do they believe?'  We learnt that the Muslim name for God is Allah.  We have also found out about Mohammad and we thought about why he was good leader.

In our theme work, we have  continued to find out more information about World War 2.  This week, we spend time creating timelines to order significant events over the past eighty years.
Following all our hard work, there has also been time for some play activities:
Slide Show 

Enjoy the weekend everyone, 
Mrs Lewis and Mrs Micklefield
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