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01 Oct 2020
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Class 2 - More than and less than...

01 Oct 2020

In maths this week, we have been comparing numbers.  Year One have been using their counting skills to sort groups of objects into the most, least or the same.  We have also been thinking about the importance of the digit zero to show when there are no objects. 
Year Two have also considered the importance of zero to hold the place value of numbers.  We have ordered lots of numbers to show which numbers are more than or less than other numbers.  We learnt that there are symbols to show ‘more than’ and ‘less than’:

In our World War 2 activities, we have set up a shop to role play wartime shopping.  We have to show our ration books before we can buy the food.  The ‘shop keepers’ are very strict about how much food we can buy in the shop! We are learning that there was less food than people wanted during the war and they would have liked to have been able to buy more.

Oliver shared a picture showing a computer in the 1940’s.  It was as big as a room and was called Colossus!  We enjoyed finding out about the huge computer, which was at Bletchley Park and was used in code breaking during the war.  Year Two researched to find pictures showing how computers have changed in the last eighty years. We decided that computers have definitely become much smaller


In Collective Worship on Monday, we joined in with the nationwide ‘Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020’.  We all agree that there should be not be any bullying and everyone should be kind to each other.  We put our hand up to show that we agree that bullying should not happen.  Everyone in our school has drawn around their hand and decorated it, to remind us that we put our hands up to say ‘no’ to bullying. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone,
Mrs Micklefield
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