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Class 2 - Monday 13th July

11 Jul 2020

                                                                                      249 You're Welcome Gifs - Gif Abyss - Page 6!
Good Morning Everyone!

This is a very exciting day for us all, as we are joining the class that we will be with next term.
Year 2 - Mrs Lewis and Miss Rogers are ready to welcome you all.  Please look on the Class 3 page.
Year 1 - You are in exactly the right place!

A very big welcome to everyone from Class 1!
I'm also looking forward to meeting three new members of our class... 

    Charlie, Edward and Laney will be in Year 2

I hope that you are all looking forward to joining Class 2.  We are all excited to see you in our class in September.
Take a look at this video, to remind you who is in Class 2. 
You will see Mrs Peel and myself, along with your friends who will be in Year 2.
On Fridays, Mrs Lewis teaches Class 2 and I know that she is really looking forward to being with you all, too.

During this week, I will be asking you to do some activities so that I can get to know you a bit better. I would like to find out a little more about you each day this week.  Today, I would like you to think about the favourite things that you have done in school this year. 
Then, I will know what you like doing. I will be able to plan to do some of the things you enjoy, when we come back to school in September. 
If you are not in school, you can send photographs of your work to me at   

In this week’s learning project, we will be thinking about our favourite memories about things that we've done in school this year. 
We will also be thinking about our hopes and dreams for our next year in school.  There will be a different task each day.

Here is today's task:

Over the last year, you will have created many school memories. 
We are going to try to capture your memories, so that you can always keep them.

Please can you do some drawings or paintings to show your favourite school memories.            

You might like to create a ‘Memory Jar’:  Draw or write down your favourite memories.  You could use different colours of paper cut into strips. Perhaps, blue for friendship, orange for favourite games, red for favourite lessons, yellow for teachers, green for school trips.   You might also have other things that you would like to write about.   Then, put all your memories into a jar or plastic bottle.   You could also decorate your jar.

Today's  Collective Worship is also about New Beginnings.  To join in, please find 'Collective Worship' at the left of this page or go to the New Articles page and find the symbol:


The activities below are for you to choose from throughout this week.                                                             
You don’t have to do them all.  Choose some activities that you think you will enjoy.

Art and Craft 

You  might also like to do a summer colouring picture or a mindfulness colouring: 
  -T-T-1041-Summer-Colouring-Sheets.pdf-                                   -T-T-24360-Summer-Mindfulness-Colouring-Sheets.pdf-  

 Make an ice-cream                                  Handprint sunflower                                                Seaside in a bottle

 -T-T-19079-Ice-Cream-Cone-Craft-Instructions.pdf-               -T-T-17588-Hand-Print-Sunflowers-Craft-Instructions.pdf-        -T-T-19276-Seaside-In-A-Bottle-Craft-Instructions.pdf-  
Outdoor activities:

                                                                                                   -Bug Count Outdoor Activity Sheet.pdf-
-Outdoor Activity Cards.pdf-  


Solving Problems

This is an activity for a hot day!   
-Pass the Water Challenge Activity.pdf-  



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