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Class 2 - Friday 26th June

25 Jun 2020

                                                                        Happy Friday Everyone!   
GIF | GfycatWinking Planet by Roxy Koranda for Aten on Dribbble
Resultado de imagen de sistema solar gif animado | Imagenes ...
                                                                                                                                                                 Astronaut Dance GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY Well, you've made it to Friday again, Class 2. This week seems to have gone very quickly! 
I hope that you have all enjoyed being Space explorers this week.  I have certainly enjoyed looking at all the pictures of your fantastic work. Thankyou for working so hard. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Take a look at our
Space Gallery to see what everyone has been doing!

If you're in school today, have a fun Friday with Mrs Acheson and Mrs Wicks.
Collective Worship     
Join in today's Collective Worship for some more thinking about Thankfulness with Mrs Acheson.
lease go to the New Article link  and look for the Collective Worship title and picture. 


I hope that you are still  enjoying reading space stories and information books from your bookshelf at home.
Try to spend at least twenty minutes reading. This can be reading a book aloud or sharing a book with an adult. 

Year 2 -Don't forget that you can do an AR quiz when you have finished your book: 
https://ukhosted79.renlearn.co.uk/6706937/   Keep trying hard - some of you are nearly at your target!   

Our story today is called Beegu

Click on the book to start.    

After you have read or listened to the story, discuss these questions with an adult:
What is Beegu like?
What could you ell someone else about Beegu?
How was Beegu feeling? 
How did the people on Earth behave towards Beegu?
Can you write a character description about Beegu?  Think about these things:

Handwriting, Phonics and Spelling:

Write the words from your new spelling list into your spelling log.  

Play the online games ‘Yes/No Yeti’ or the ‘Suffix Factory’. Can you list words that end in the suffixes: ing, en, ly?

Maths- Shape
Can you design a logo (a sign) for the rocket that you made?
Try to include  some of the following 2D shapes: rectangle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon 
Here's an example.  Imagine that the logo is going to be on a space rocket and the uniform of the astronauts.
Also, please practise your mental recall skills by spending 10 minutes on Sumdog or Numbots

Maths Challenges:  
Also, for those of you who would like to do a maths challenge.  Have a go at these questions!


Here are yesterday's answers:  



Have you decided what kind of exercise you would like to do today?   
You might like to do one of the activities below, or maybe go for a walk, run or do some cycling. You could do an exercise routine with Joe Wicks, find a fun activity on GoNoodle or try something new like yoga:  https://www.harrogatessp.com/keeping-all-young-people-active/

If it's hot.... make sure you drink plenty of water!

Mrs Goss has also put some new 
Forest School activities on the News Page, that you might like to try.

Be kind and help others
Have you done anything to help someone else today?  Try to do a kind act for someone else. It might be to help with something or it might be to do something to cheer up another person.  A friendly wave and smile through the window can mean a lot to someone who is lonely.

The Learning Project this week is Space.  You might find out about 
our Solar System, the Sun and the Moon.  You could look at life in outer space from the view of an astronaut and travelling through space.  Enjoy your journey through Space!

 Rocket Creation-      
As part of one of your writing tasks, you have been asked to design a rocket.
Can you create your rocket using objects you can find in the home such as cardboard boxes, newspapers and tin foil.
Can you write a set of instructions about how to make the model,  to share with a family member or friend?

Drawing and Colouring Pictures-
You might like to create a space themed picture, using collage, paints, pens or pencils.

 If you like colouring in pictures, here are some for you to print:    -t-t-26681-space-themed-mindfulness-colouring-pages-_ver_2.pdf-  


Our Solar System-
Think about what you already know about space and create a mind map. Draw pictures and diagrams or write notes on a piece of paper to remind yourself about what you already know.
Can you name the planets in our solar system?
Use the Solar System Song  (click )  to create a diagram showing the order of the planets.
Also, here's another song to help you to learn facts about the planets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2prtmPEjOc

You could make model planets using balloons and paper mache.

Astronaut Aerobics-   
Astronauts have to be fit and agile for their missions into space.
Can you design a home workout and put your agility to the test!
You could even use this (click) video to help.
You could then plan a day of healthy eating for the aspiring astronauts, thinking carefully about each food group.

What are Day and Night?-  Watch the video of day and night. (click) 
Then create a poster about day and night explaining why we have day and night.
Play the quiz and see how many answers you can get right!
 Is There Anything out There? 

Tim Peake
 is a famous British astronaut. (click on his name for more information)
Write the questions that you would ask him if you could interview him.
Pretend to be Tim Peake and ask an adult to read out the questions that you wrote down.
Can you answer the questions in your role as him?
Design a space suit
Can you design a new space suit for Tim Peake? What would make a good space suit?  
Mission X – Astro Food
  • Collect a variety of plant foods from home or download the cards from this (click)resource.
  • Group the food/cards e.g. fruits, seeds, vegetables. Which parts are edible?
Sign up and access all of the Mission X resources here.(click)
  • Further activities at Nasa for Kids.(click)  There are lots of games and some amazing pictures to look at in the Gallery section.
Have a wonderful weekend
I will be back with you Monday!

Missing you all,
Love from Mrs Micklefield

A note for Parents, 
If you have any queries or problems, or anything you need help with, please feel free to contact me:
class2@gfschools.co.uk If the children have any photographs, pictures or work that they are particularly proud of, please forward them to me and I will post some of them on the website.
I hope you are all well. 
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