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Class 2 - Friday 19th June

18 Jun 2020

                                                                Tora's Birthday is on Sunday!
                                                              Happy Birthday Greetings GIF - HappyBirthday Greetings Dog GIFs

                                         Happy Birthday! We all hope that you have a brilliant day, Tora!!!

Let's start the day with some party music!  I hope that you enjoy watching this short clip from the film 
'Rio'We're back  in last week's rainforest. Look out for the beautiful birds in the clip.  We're going to be thinking about colourful birds in our story and maths work:
                                                                            Click on the picture to start the film clip.
Good Morning Everyone!  
Well done everyone!  It's Friday and you will soon be able to enjoy the weekend.  I hope that you are all well and ready for today's activities. Thankyou for all the brilliant work that you've done this week.  You have found lots of information about places all over the world.  Please take a look in our 'Around the World' Gallery, to see a selection of the lovely work that has been done. 
For those of you in school today, have a great morning with Mrs Wicks and Mrs Acheson! 
Collective Worship:          

 Let's join Mrs Acheson again for 
Collective Worship.
We're all missing being together, but this is something that everybody can share, even if we're not all in school.
   Look on the News Page for this picture, to join in with Collective Worship.

Wake up and shake up! Start the day with some PE, or maybe have a PE session later in the day.
Click on the link below to choose from the selection of activities. 
You could do a morning routine with Joe Wicks, find a fun activity on GoNoodle or try something new like yoga:  https://www.harrogatessp.com/keeping-all-young-people-active/

You might like to do one of these activities, or maybe go for a walk, run or do some cycling. 

Try to read a variety of books at home each day.  Aim to spend at least twenty minutes reading. This can be reading a book aloud or sharing a book with an adult. It might be a book from your bookshelf, a book from school or an online text.  
Year 2 -You can do an AR quiz when you have finished your  book: https://ukhosted79.renlearn.co.uk/6706937/


Today, we're going to share a story called: ‘The Black Hat’  Click on the hat to open the story. https://vimeo.com/45584240

Guided Reading Discussion Questions:
Here are some questions for you to discuss with an adult. 
• What do we call a child who has no parents?
• Do we know any other stories set in a house in the woods?
• What type of stories often include orphans and houses in the woods?
Watch up to just before he finds the hat.
• What words does the narrator use to describe the forest? • What sounds does he hear?
Pause the film after when the boy finds the hat.
• Who do you think this hat may have belonged to?
Pause the film after the narrator has described the creatures.
• How do you think the boy is feeling?
• What creatures can we see? • Can you describe some of the creatures?
Pause after 1 min 30 – when the boy is admiring the caged creatures.
• Why has the boy put them in the jars and cages? • What does he like about the animals?
• Do you think it is right to keep animals locked in cages?
Pause the film when only the normal birds came.
• How do you think the boy is feeling now?
• What other words do we know for sad? • What things can make us sad?
Pause the film after the boy calls out ‘Please come back to me!’
• What else could the boy say to the bird to persuade him to come back with him?
• What do you think the bird might say back if it could talk?
• What do you think the boy is going to do?.
• Is there a lesson to this story? A moral? • How should we treat wild creatures?

Writing: Grammar and Poetry Writing:
Verbs and adverbs.  
Do you remember that verbs are action words,adverbs describe how the actions are happening?

Can you think of some more ‘dancing’ verbs ?  You might need to watch 'The Black Hat' video clip again.
           flying swooping twirling plunging

Adverbs describe how the actions are being performed.  
Adverbs often end in 'ly' 
Can you find some more dancing adverbs?
       gently   swiftly          easily
Here is the beginning of an adverb and verb poem.  The adverbs and verbs are paired together to create each line:
The Birds
Gently flying,
Delicately turning,
Easily twirling,
Expertly plunging...

This poem is beginning very gently but perhaps the bird could build up some speed in the poem.
Can you write some more lines to add to this poem, using the verbs and adverbs that you collected?
Then, write the poem in your best handwriting.  You could add a picture to show what is happening in the poem.

Phonics and Spelling:
Please write the spellings for this week into your spelling log. 

Can you complete the butterflies so that they are exactly the same at both sides? 
Choose which one you would like to do, or do both!

  -T2-M-499-Butterfly-Symmetry-Shape-Worksheet.pdf-                                                         -shape butterfly.pdf-   

Have a go at creating your own  colourful shape bird.
Make it using triangles and quadrilaterals (4 sided shapes)

Phonics and Spelling:
Please write the spellings for this week into your spelling log. 

Be kind and help others
Don’t forget to try to do something to help someone else each day. There are lots of things that you could do to be helpful.  Have a think about what you could do to help someone.  Maybe, you could send a message to someone far away, to let them know that you are thinking about them?
The Project for this week is called ‘All Around the World’  

You will be able to learn about countries and cities around the world and find out about different cultures and traditions, famous landmarks, food and clothing. Work on the project tasks throughout the week.  Choose the activities that interest you.   
Investigate Maps
Use an atlas or a map to locate countries that make up the UK.
Can you write the names of the countries in the UK?
Which seas surround the UK?
Look at a world map. 
Can you find and name the continents of the world?
Can you find and name some of the seas and oceans of the world?
● Flags- Take a look at flags from around the world https://www.worldometers.info/geography/flags-of-the-world/.
Which are your favourite flags? Why do you like them? Can you make your favourite flag? You could draw, paint, use collage or maybe use a computer drawing tool, such as 2Paint.
Can use find where your flag belongs on a map?
● Dance Around the World- Watch the following dances: Diwali Stick Dance, https://safeyoutube.net/w/HGi6
 Maypole Dancing https://safeyoutube.net/w/qHi6 and Spanish Flamenco Dancing https://safeyoutube.net/w/JHi6 .
Have a go at some of the moves used in these videos. You could ask an adult to record your dance, then you can see what you were doing well and what you could improve.
Can you create one of the costumes using items from your wardrobe? Perform the dance to a family member.
● Food Tasting Fun
Which fruit do you like?  Can you find out which country your favourite fruit comes from? 
If you have some fruit at home, ask an adult to cut one of the fruits open. Then have a go at sketching the inside of each fruit. Look closely at the patterns and shapes that you can see.
● Where in the World?
Have a discussion with an adult about your own family heritage.
Discuss your family traditions and where your family originates from.
This may be where you live now, or it could be somewhere completely different.
Can you create a poster or PowerPoint all about your family?
Can you include a map identifying the country that you are from? If this is different to where you live now, you could add both maps.
Speak the Language- There are lots of different ways to say hello around the world.
Learn how to say hello in Spanish, French, and Italian and some countries of your choice, using Google Translate. https://translate.google.co.uk/ Write ‘hello’ in the English box, then choose a country to find their ‘hello’ word.  You can click on the speaker button to hear the word.
Practise writing ‘hello’ using the colours of the flag for each country.
Famous Buildings Around the World
● The Bird’s Nest is the world’s largest steel structure and was built in China for the 2008 Olympic Games. It is made out of 26 miles of steel.
● Use strips of paper, card or wool to create your own bird nest style building. You might like to search for photos of the ‘Birds nest’ to help you with your design.
Here are some famous buildings in London:
The Shard                                       Big Ben                               The Gherkin
Can you find any other famous or interesting buildings around the world? 
This one is called The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Can you find out which is the world’s tallest building?

Thankyou for working so hard this week.  Have a brilliant weekend. I'll be back with you on Monday!
Missing you all,
Love from Mrs Micklefield

A note for Parents, 
If you have any queries or problems, or anything you need help with, please feel free to contact me:
class2@gfschools.co.uk If the children have any photographs, pictures or work that they are particularly proud of, please forward them to me and I will post some of them on the website at the end of the week.
I hope you are all well. 
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