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Class 2- Wednesday 3rd June

02 Jun 2020

                                                       Cat Water Skiing GIFs | Tenor
Can cats really waterski?!  I wonder how this film was made?

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you are all well and ready for today's activities. 
 I hear that many of you have been busy doing lots of different types  of exercise - well done! I hope you are having fun doing the project.
Remember, you can do the tasks in any order, and you don't have to do everything if you don't have time. yes 

For those of you who have returned to school today, I hope that you have a lovely day with Mrs Wicks.... Make sure you work hard, have fun and show Wicks how brilliant you are!

This week, we also welcome a new friend to our class. Charlie is in Year 1 and I am sure that you will all help him to            feel welcome. Hello Charlie and welcome to Fountains.  I'm looking forward to meeting you soon.   

Let's begin the day with some exercise.
You might like to do one of these activities, or maybe go for a walk, run or do some cycling.   


Wake up and shake up! Start the day with some PE, or maybe have a PE session later in the day.
Click on the link below to choose from the selection of activities.  You could do a morning routine with Joe Wicks, find a fun activity on GoNoodle or try something new like yoga:

. Maths:                                                                                                                                 

Please log in to MyMaths to find today’s tasks. Click here to log in -->                                                                       Year 1 and  Year 2 - Please watch the lesson first, then complete the task on recognising coins

Then, today, we are going to play Long Jump.
Measure the length of each jump using a measuring tape and record the lengths, using metres and cms
Who jumped the furthest? Who had the shortest jump? What was the difference between the shortest and longest jump?

Try to read a variety of books at home each day.  Aim to spend at least twenty minutes reading. This can be reading a 
book aloud or sharing a book with an adult. It might be a book from your bookshelf, a book from school or an online text.  
Year 2 - Remember that you can do an Accelarated Reading quiz when you have finished your book:

Today's story is ‘ The Little Princess: I Want to Win ’ based on the Tony Ross book. 
You can turn the volume off and can read the words on the screen or enjoy listening to the story read to you.  Maybe you can do both?!
Then, think about these questions:
How did the Little Princess felt each time she won a game?
Can you think of a time you felt like the Little Princess?


Then, we are going to think about adding the suffix 'in' to these verbs:
jump, skip, hike, throw, catch, kick, run & shout
e.g. jump + ing = jumping. Which root words need the ‘e’ removing first?
Which works need a double consonant before adding  ‘ing’?

  -Adding ing powerpoint.ppt-   (Open in slideshow and press the down arrow key to add letters and words)

Go to phonicsplay for 2 games: Complete your spelling log for today and practise reading and writing the words on your list, ready for your spelling test tomorrow.  


Questions to ask your favourite sportsperson: 
Can you create a set of questions that you would like to ask your favourite athlete.
Remember the range of question words that you could use:
 ‘when’, ‘why, ‘who’, ‘what, ‘where’ and ‘how.
Try to create a question using each of the question words.  Which important punctuation mark will you need to use?
When you have completed writing the questions, ask an adult to read them to you.  Now, you are going to take on the role of your favourite sporting hero and answer each of the questions!
Exercise Diary
Hopefully, you now have lots of activities listed in your exercise diary.
Write all the activities you do today, under the heading ‘Wednesday'.



Today, we are going to join Emily on Sing Up to work on a song called Wiggle jiggle. There's lots of movement to dance along with the music, as well as using your body as a percussion instrument.                        

Be kind and help others

Don’t forget to try to do something to help someone else each day! There are lots of things that you could do to be helpful.  I hope you tried hard to be helpful during the holidays!  Have a think about what you could do to help someone!  

The Learning Project for this week: Sport
These activities are to work on throughout the week.  Choose the tasks that interest you.

● Obstacle Course Fun-
Your task is to design and make your own obstacle course outside. Draw and label the design first and include all the equipment you will need. Then use your design to create the obstacle course. Ask your family to complete the obstacle course whilst you time them. You could even make medals from tin foil or any other suitable material and present them to the winner during a winner’s ceremony

● Make a Family Mascot
You could make your own family mascot using materials from around the house.
First, visit the Olympic Mascot Official list and look at past mascots. Click on the British mascot to find out more ---> 
 What makes a good mascot? What qualities does the mascot represent?
● Remarkable Routines
Can you create a simple routine, just like a gymnast, dancer or synchronised swimmer? Start by watching a video of a routine together, here are some suggestions:
men’s gymnastic routine
ladies’ gymnastic routine:
Then, choose a piece of music to practise your routine to.
When you are confident, you could ask someone to film your sequence.
Watch the performance together- what do you think went well? What could be even better?
● Terrific Team Kits
Can you design your very own team kit?
Think about the flag of the country that you would represent and how to incorporate the flag colours into the design. You could draw the design with a pencil or maybe use a computer program to do this.

● Research about the Olympic games.
What are the Olympic games?  When did they start? How often do they take place?   
● Can you Invent a New Olympic Game?
Challenge you invent your own game for the 2021 Olympics?
Look at a list of all of the sports that already compete in the summer Olympics: Click here --->      
Can you write a set of instructions for the new game or draw illustrations?  
Why not test the game out as a family?
Brilliant Bodies
● What can your body do? Balance on one leg? Touch your nose with your tongue?
Look at the body challenge cards and see how many you can do.
 Click here to see the challenge cards  ---->
 Ask your family to join in.  You could make your own body challenge cards.
Additional learning resources parents may wish to engage with
● The NHS Change 4 Life website has some great games and activities, specifically ones for staying indoors.
Click --->
Outdoor Activities:
Here are some lovely ideas about activities to enjoy when you are outside.
The Woodland Trust:

Work hard, be kind and have a fun day. I will be back with you tomorrow!
Missing you all,
Love from Mrs Micklefield

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