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Class 2 - Thursday 7th May

06 May 2020

Good Morning Class 2!
I hope you are all well and ready for today's tasks
As tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day,  it is a holiday from school (and Home School!) I  hope you enjoy celebrating VE Day, as well as  having an extra day off!  Below are some special activities about VE day for you to do today.  VE Day - or 'Victory in Europe Day' - marks the day towards the end of World War Two (WW2) when fighting in Europe came to an end.

Before you start your VE Day activities, please do these tasks:

KIRFs targets - Ask an adult to test you on your current target.  Good Luck!
See if you need to do more practise or maybe you will be ready to move on to a new target. 

Spelling and Handwriting:
Ask an adult to test you on the words that you have been practising this week:                                                                                                           Year 1:  Words with the long vowels o-e and i-e   Y1 0-e and i-e 3A-                            Year 2:  words ending in 'tion  -Y2 Term 3A tion.doc-

Here are  the next sets of spelling rules for you to work on, during the coming week: 
Please have a look at the powerpoint information about your spellings. Open the powerpoint into 'Slideshow' to enable the interactive activities to work. (Powerpoints might go into your downloads folder when you cllick to open them)
Look at the spelling lists and write your words into a spelling log or your writing book.
Also, I would like you to practise your handwriting skills.  Open the document to see the handwriting joins for each of your words. You can print the page or look at the words on your screen then copy them into your green book.     
Please click on the links to open the documents: 

Year 1  -  Words with u-e        
-Year 1 u-e.ppt-             -Y1 u-e Term 3A.doc-          -Handwriting right handed.pdf-      -Handwriting left handed.pdf-  
Here is an activity that you might like to do  -Mr. Whoops Juggling Muddle.pdf-  

Year 2- Contractions
Contractions are words that have been shortened to make one word. Usually, the letters that have been removed are replaced with an apostrophe. 
-Year 2 Contractions.ppt-           -Y2 Contractions.doc-                     -Handwriting Practice - Right handed writers.pdf-        -Handwriting - Left handed writers.pdf-  

 Here is some information about VE Day for you to begin have a look at:

Then, click on this link to find lots of VE DAY activities to choose from  -------->  -VE Day Learning Tasks Class 2 .pdf-  
You don't need to do all the activities - just choose something that interests you!
Environment Project:  Well done with all the brilliant work you have done about the environment. You might also want to do another activity from the project - that's fine! 

Be kind and help others

Don’t forget to try to do something to help someone else each day!  There are lots of things that you could do to be helpful.  I hope you managed to do some things over the past few days.  Have a think about what you could do to help someone.  

Work hard, be kind and have a fun day. Enjoy the holiday tomorrow!   I'll be back with you on Monday.
Missing you all,
Love from Mrs Micklefield

There may also be some activities that you wanted to do from the Learning Project about the Environment : 

Create a chart to record the weatherLabel the chart with days of the week and record the
weather at different points in the day. Can you write down key words and take a photograph of the
sky. Does it change in the week?
.Watch the weather report on T.V. How do they describe the weather? What do you notice about
the map? Can you find North Yorkshire on the map? Have they got symbols when they are talking
about the weather?
Weather reporter: Pick a day that you would like to present as a weather reporter. Can you create
some symbols to use when you are talking about the weather? Can you talk about the weather in
your local area and maybe compare to another place in the UK?
Create a weather wreath.
 Using different materials can your child design a
weather wreath? Encourage them to think about the symbols used in your
weather report.

What a load of rubbish! With your child look at the rubbish as a family you
throw out. Do you help to recycle? How do you sort these into junk and into recycling? Look at the
range of items and group them into different material groups. Talk to a family member about how
certain groups are plastics and can also look and feel different to each other. Could you design a
new way to help recycle more items?
Beat the clock- Can you sort items into the correct recycling and waste bins?
Switch it off: Ask your child to take a look at all the electrical devices in their house. Are they all
plugged in? Do they need to be plugged in? How could they create a poster to place around the
house to help remind people to switch it off once they have finished.
Save Electricity, Recycle Paper, Conserve water. What could you include on these? Where could
you place these in the house? Can you talk to your family about the posters and how you could
help the planet?
Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.
Write and draw! Ask your child to choose one thing they could do to help the environment in
school. Get them to make a poster to encourage people to do it! Think about the classroom and
also the school.
World Environment day- This year it will be on Friday June 5th. On this day
people from all over the world will do something positive to help our planet.
Ask your child what could they do? Lots of little things can make a big
difference. What could they do to celebrate World Environment Day at
school? Can they create a poster to display at school?   
Please use this email address for messages relating to the children in Class 2.
We can also send messages to each other using Purple Mash. This might be a message about a Purple Mash activity that you've done, or an email message in Purple Mash.  
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