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Class 2 - Monday 20th April

19 Apr 2020


                                                         Welcome back minions welcome home GIF - Find on GIFER

                                                                                             Welcome back everyone!
I hope you have had a brilliant holiday and enjoyed lots of sunny weather and chocolate!  I am missing you all SO much! 

Thank you for all the messages, photographs and work attachments that you sent before the holidays to the school admin email address.  It’s been brilliant to see all the things that you’ve been doing. We now have a class email address:   Please use this email address for messages relating to the children in Class 2.
We can also continue to send messages to each other using Purple Mash. This might be a message about a Purple Mash activity that you've done, or an email message in Purple Mash.                                     
I have sent some logins and passwords to your Purple Mash email.                                                        
Log into Purple Mash:                                                                                                                                                                                                            >Home >Computing >Computing Tools >2 Email - then open the message

The passwords are for two new websites that we are going to be using, called My Maths and Charanga Music. I will be setting some maths and music tasks for you to do this week, so please check the email message in Purple Mash to find your log in and password details.
(Information for parents about these websites:   
  -MyMaths and Charanga Information for Parents-V293486241.pdf-  
Here are your tasks for today!

Please watch the video about My Maths with your Mum or Dad

Then make sure that you can log in using the password sent to you on Purple Mash. You can then explore the games in Mental Games – Colour by Numbers and Gnome Game.  Next time, I will be setting some work for you to do on My Maths, so please let me know if you have any problems with your passwords.

Next, practise adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing on:
Work on today.                                                                                                                                          
Year 1 and 2:  Choose from Phase 5a ‘Tricky Word Trucks’.    
Year 2:  Phase 6 ‘Tumbling Tumbleweed’ – adding ‘ing’ to words
Try to read a variety of books at home everyday.  This can be reading a book aloud or sharing a book with an adult. It might be a book from your bookshelf, a school book or an online text.

See for age appropriate texts and ideas.
There are also some read along books that could be used as reading books if you turn off the volume:                   

  • First, draw a picture of your house and label it.
  • Then, write sentences using adjectives to describe a room in your house. Remember that adjectives are describing words. You can write the sentences in your green book or in a Purple Mash email – whichever you prefer!
Forest School:
Mrs Goss has put a message on the website for you!  See if there is something that you would like to do outside!

Be kind and help others
I would like you to try to do something that will help your Mum and Dad each day.  This might be tidying up your toys or bedroom, or helping with something that your Mum or Dad is doing. Have a think about what you could do to help someone!  
Work hard, be kind and have a fun day. I will be back with you tomorrow!
Missing you all,
Love from Mrs Micklefield

Learning Project: View point
Notes for parents: These  activities are ideas for things to do throughout the week. The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to learn more about different viewpoints.  Learning may focus on physical viewpoints in terms of what you can see outside of the window at home, what others can see looking into your home and then progress onto personal viewpoints and of others.

Using your senses:
Ask your child to pick a window in the house.                                                                                                  
Ask them to stand there for a few minutes and take a look at what they can see. Then write or draw about what they saw.
Now ask them to try this activity again but this time ask them what they can hear?  Write or draw what they heard.
Ask your child to help find a piece of material in the house and then blindfold them. What can they see? Which sense do they use now?                Ask them to now cover their ears and look outside the window. What do they hear?
A ‘feely bag’ - find six objects, such as a hairbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a
packet of biscuits, an ice cream scoop, a packet of tissues and a wooden 
spoon. You will also need something to act as a blindfold. Imagine what it would be like if you could never see because you were blind and you had to learn to rely on your other senses instead.                                                                                                                                                          Play with a partner and see who guesses most of the objects.
Find a mirror in the house:
What can they see? Imagine if they were able to walk into the mirror.
What do they think you would see?
Listen to the story ‘Through the Magic Mirror’ by Anthony Browne.   
Look at the illustrations in the book and discuss what is different.     
Can they create a story similar to ‘Through the Mirror’? Draw a story map first and plan their story. Using their story map,
create their story and remember to think about your illustrations.

Find a place in the house:
Find a place in the house to focus on. Look around at what they can see. Sketch what they can see.
What is on the left- hand side of them? What is the right-hand side of them?
Does it change if they sit in another part of the house? Make a list of all the things and compare.
Read the stories:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Jack and the Beanstalk and Cinderella. The
characters will be going to see Judge Jenny.
Can they persuade Judge Jenny to see the story from their point of view.
Watch these links to help Judge Jenny to decide.
Now it’s their turn… read the stories Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs and Gingerbread Man. Imagine they are going to
be one of the characters from the story and an adult is going to be Judge Jenny.
What would they say to Judge Jenny? How could they persuade her?
School Uniform:
Tell your child that they will be presenting to the School Council about the school uniform.
Do they think it is a good idea to wear a uniform or are they against wearing a uniform?
Can they write down why they think they should have a uniform and then write down why they shouldn't?
Design a new uniform. What would they wear? Would it be the same for girls and boys?
What would they say to the school council? How would they campaign? Would they have badges, posters, events and banners to help their debate?
Could you design a new school logo?
Ask your child to think about their current logo now. What does it represent?
What could they add or change? Is there something that represents their school or area recently that people would recognise? Look at the shape of the logo. Would they keep it the same or change it?
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