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Class 2 - Daily Tasks 25.03.20

24 Mar 2020


Wednesday 25th March
Hello everybody.  I hope you are all well this morning.  Here are your tasks for today. 
Remember that if you have difficulty in logging onto a website, you can record your work in your green book instead.


Start the day again with some PE.  See YouTube 'PE with Joe'  each morning at 9.00 am.


Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  
Click on the link:

Y1 Write the numbers 0-20 in digits
Y2 Write the numbers 0-20 in words and digits.

0 zero          10 ten             20 twenty
1 one           11 eleven
2 two           12 twelve
3 three         13 thirteen
4 four           14 fourteen
5 five            15 fifteen
6 six              16 sixteen
7 seven        17 seventeen
8 eight         18 eighteen
9 nine           19 nineteen
Please read a book aloud or share a book with an adult.
Listen to a story read by someone else on 'Storyline'

Watch Newsround and find out what is happening in the world. What did you find out? Is there anything you need help understanding?


Make sure you have filled your spelling log in your red Homework Book.  Test Day tomorrow!

Please practice the sounds and blend words, using one of the interactive games found on the links below:

Year 2 -Spell the days of the week:  
Year 1 -  Read and know the order of the days of the week.
You could keep a diary of things you do in the week.


Write a letter or postcard - find out about different postcards and why people write them. (There are lots of postcards to look at on PurpleMash - Topics)
Can you design the front of the postcard and then plan what to write and which family member you could write it to.
Use PurpleMash to do this task if you can.  Log in and find the task in your 2Do activities.  
If you have difficulty logging in, you can make your postcard on a piece of paper or card instead.

  Please continue with your Learning Project tasks. 

 Learning Project
 to be done throughout the week:
The project this week aims to provide opportunities for your child to gain a better understanding of their own family. Learning may focus on what different makeup of families, what traditions your family has, stories linked to your family etc.

- This is time to find out about their family and traditions they follow. Ask them to think about: Who they live with? How many adults? How many children? Can they sort their family members into height order? Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? Is the tallest family member the eldest family member? If they drew around all their family members' hands; could they count in 5s? What if they drew around their feet? Could they count in 2s? Ask think about one family member they would love to interview. They could be a family member that lives with them or a family member that lives somewhere else. Can they write down some questions they would like to ask them? Have they got a pet? Can they draw or paint a picture of their family? Can they talk about their picture to a family member?
Self portrait:
- Ask your child to think about which materials they use to draw? Can they find different materials around the house to help?
Create a card:
 Ask your child to design a card for someone in their family. It can be a birthday card, thank you card or a card to tell someone how much they love them.

 Family tree
Look at photographs of your family members and discuss where they would go on a family tree. Have you met everyone? Is there anyone you could interview and find out more about?
Design a personal coat of arms shield for the family:

 - Find out what a coat of arm shield means. Ask them to begin to think about their design. What could they draw? What does it mean to them ? Ask them to think about the colours and shapes. Maybe if they have some cardboard around the house they could make a shield to give to a family member.
Create a booklet all about the family:
Can they name the people in their family and write sentences about them? Who are they? What do they call them? What do they like or dislike? Why are they special to them? Maybe they could get a photograph or draw a family member before they write about them.  

News Reporter for half a day:
-Their challenge is to interview family members and find things they like and dislike? Can they write down things they like and dislike? Can they compare these to someone else in their family? In your interview they could create flashcards with words such as: colour, clothes, food, drinks, books, places, music and then ask a family member to pick a flash card and talk about their likes and dislikes.
Data detective Ask your child to look at people in the house. What colour is their hair ? Eye colour? Favourite colour? Favourite food? Ask them to collect this and place in a tally chart.

Interview a family member:
- interview a family member that doesn’t live at home with them. Allow your child to ask them about their childhood. Who did they live with? Who is in their family? Have they got any family traditions they follow and why.
Write an invitation to a family event: Ask your child to invite a family member to one of the following:  -  (talent show, music show, magic tricks, jokest) In their invitation ask them to think about the time, date and place. How will they design the invitation? Who will deliver it?
Share the
  movement and mindfulness video with their family. Who was the best? Which part did they enjoy? Could you create a video of your own?
I will be in touch again tomorrow.  Take care!
Mrs Micklefield
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