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Class Two - Brrrr.….The Weather Girls and Boys!

30 Jan 2020

This week, we have been thinking about Seasonal Changes. We thought about some of the changes that have happened since Autumn.  We looked at pictures and photographs that we took in Autumn. We wrapped up warmly to go outside, to look at the same things that we saw in Autumn and we compared what they look like now.  It was much colder!

We learnt how to use a thermometer and took some temperature readings.  It was 8⁰C outside, which was colder than the 19⁰C that we measured in Autumn.  We soon warmed up back in the classroom and found that the temperature inside was 20⁰C.   In our research, we found out that if the temperature falls below zero, there will be frost and ice.



In our ‘Materials’ work, we planned an investigation to find out which materials would be suitable for making an umbrella for a teddy.  We used pipettes to carefully measure the water drops.  We found that paper, fabric and tissue were not waterproof.  Foil and plastic were both waterproof, but the foil kept tearing so we thought that it wouldn’t be very good for making an umbrella.



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