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16 Mar 2020
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25 Oct 2019
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Class 2 - Science: Food Chains and Habitats

25 Oct 2019

We had an exciting day on Wednesday when Andy Seed came to visit us.  He explained how he writes poems and showed us how to do some funny actions to match a poem.  Oli was chosen to read the poem, whilst Andy showed us what to do.  We then thought about how we can make up our own poems, thinking carefully about words that rhyme with each other. He made us laugh when he shared some funny poems and jokes
Andy explained that he also likes to write Information Books.  He told us that he is very interested in animals and nature and he lives in a wood, where he enjoys watching all the woodland animals.  We saw that different birds have all sorts of colours and sizes of eggs and that we can identify the birds by looking at their eggs.  Andy shared his book 'The Clue is in the Poo!'   We learnt facts about different animals by looking at their footprints, as well as their poo! We found out that animal poo gives information about the food the animal has eaten.  This was very useful to us as we have been focussing on food chains and habitats in our science work.

We found that there are many different types of habitat on Earth. We researched to find out which plants and animals live in different places. We thought about why different habitats are suitable for different plants and animals and why animals cannot survive if they do not have suitable food and shelter. We collected some information to build food chains and we noticed that plants always begin the food chain.

Well done to Tora, Oli, Ben and Hattie who have been chosen as class representatives on the School Council. We voted for the person we wanted to choose by writing their name on a piece of paper.  We put the papers in a jar, then Mrs Lewis counted the votes.  They have already been busy with their new role and Mrs Acheson was very proud of them for their help in our Harvest Collective Worship on Thursday.
We also celebrated Billy's birthday on Tuesday and enjoyed sharing the sweets that he brought! 
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