Class 2 - Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?

26 Sep 2019

Cycling was the theme of the day on Wednesday.  We enjoyed being in groups with children from other classes, as we made our noise makers and investigated flags.  We thought about the qualities needed to become a world class sports person and we reflected on all the beautiful  places that the cyclists will see on their tour around Yorkshire.  Outside on the field, everyone had fun making a giant picture of a UCI cycling jersey, made from old  plastic bags and bottles. The highlight of the day was cheering the cyclists as they  passed our school in the afternoon. 

In maths, we have been busy with addition work and we had fun making up word stories to match our calculations. We have all tried hard to learn our Key Instant Recall Facts ready for our first test and we have now begun to 'zoom' through the KIRFs planets!

Theme work has focussed on how the land changed during the millions of years that the dinosaurs were on Earth.  We found out that at first, there was just one big piece of land called Pangaea.  Over millions of years, the land split up to form the continents that we see on world maps and globes today.  We have also been investigating different ideas about why the dinosaurs became extinct.  





Making fossil models with dough   

Sharing with friends... Antonia brought fossils and a book about fossils to share. 


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