Class 2 Week 3 - Fossil Hunters

19 Sep 2019

This week, it has been lovely to run the daily mile in the beautiful sunshine.  Everyone has tried really hard and we hope that running each day is helping to keep our bodies fit!  

Everyone has been working hard to follow our school values and lots of points have been awarded.  Well done to Oli and Jessica for being the first to reach 15 points, which enabled them to choose a prize from the box.   
We have been thinking about how we know about dinosaurs, even though there were no humans on Earth at the same time.  We found out that scientists have discovered lots of information by looking at dinosaur fossils.  We have been looking at some fossils of small creatures and tree branches and we looked at some pictures of dinosaur fossils.  We learnt that people who search for fossils are called paleontologists. We enjoyed reading a book about a lady called Mary Anning who was a famous paleontologist. She found many fossils in rocks in the south coast of England.

There has been some brilliant research this week. We have found more facts to help us place dinosaurs on a timeline and we are quickly building up our knowledge about different dinosaurs.                                                   



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