Class 2 - Identifying Materials in Science

17 Jan 2020

Our current learning focus is ‘Materials’ and we have been investigating different materials in our science lessons.  We have carried out surveys both inside and outside school.  We looked at the different materials that objects are made from and collected the information on our survey sheets.
We then tried to organise the data that we collected.  We made diagrams and tables to organise and classify the objects into sets.




 In English, we are enjoying reading Traditional Tales.  We read The Three Little Pigs and thought about the different materials that they used to build their houses. 

Year 1 sequenced the events in the story:


On Tuesday, we joined the other classes to continue with our learning about Sikhism.  We were reminded that a Sikh place of worship is called a Gurdwara.  We found out that the most famous Gurdwara is the Golden Temple in India.

We learnt that the Nishan Sahib is a special flag that is placed outside every Gurdwara.  It shows that a building is a Sikh place of worship.  We made our own Nishan Sahibs.  The sign is triangular and made from cotton or silk fabric that is saffron coloured.

 We made our own Nishan Sahibs

We also learnt that there are ten Gurus in the Sikh faith and that guru mean teacher.

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